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Merry Christmas!

An early Merry Christmas to all my friends, old and new!

Thank you to everyone that has purchased a copy of The Legend of Chip: The Legend Begins. I’m truly humbled. I hope that you’re enjoying your copy with your friends and family this holiday season.

If you haven’t purchased your copy yet, their available now through The LWP Bookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other fine bookstores.

Enough of that! It’s Christmas! From me and my family, may your Christmas be merry and full of love.

Until Next Time,
Stanley Campbell aka authorstanleyc

Important Update

FRAUD ALERT! Someone has created a Kickstarter Fundraising Page for my book. It is not me! Please do not donate money to this fundraiser. I have emailed the fundraising site and asked them to remove it.

Until Next Time,
Stanley Campbell

UPDATE: Kickstarter has removed the fraudulent fundraising page!

Quick Update

Quick update for everyone! The edits and revisions for The Legend of Chip: The Legend Begins are coming along nicely. Even though I can hardly wait to see my first novel published, I know that it will be well worth the worrying and lack of sleep. Once the editing is finished, it will be time to focus on the illustrations (the fun part).

Until Next Time,
Stanley Campbell