The Legend of Chip

“Every Legend Has a Story”

The Legend of Chip is a book series which follows the epic story of Christopher “Chip” MacDougall and his family as they struggle with dark forces that threaten to tear their world apart. Join Chip on his amazing journey as he searches for the answers to his problems while clinging to his faith. This is a story of love, hope, faith and redemption.


Legend of Chip - Front Cover-5-Star-4x6

Book I: The Legend Begins

Chip’s a simple man, struggling with change and loss while providing for his family in 18th century Edinburgh, Scotland. But when a stranger offers him the opportunity to earn more money, his life is flipped upside down. Unexplainable things begin to happen and what was once accepted as good fortune quickly turns to adversity. Trying to make sense of what’s happening, he begins challenging everything he knows and believes. Desperate for answers, he leaves his family and joins the Navy.
While he is away, he is presumed lost at sea and his family is forced to move on without him. Upon his return, he begins to realize that everything isn’t what it seems. Dark forces are at work, lurking in the shadows and threatening to destroy more lives than just his own. If he wants to protect those he cares about, he’ll be forced to risk everything and confront the darkness.





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Book II: The Perilous Journey (Coming 2019)

Charged with a crime he didn’t commit, Christopher is forced to flee Edinburgh. Under the alias of William Chips, he finds himself again in the services of Captain O’Toole and aboard the mighty Ottoman. Embarking on a new and dangerous voyage, they set out to help bring peace to the tense shores of the British Colonies.
Reaching their destination, Christopher soon realizes that the darkness he fled knows no boundaries; is held to no shore and the distance between himself and what he thought he’d left behind is as close as looking over his own shoulder.