Submission Guidelines

***Submissions Are Currently Closed***

Thank you for your interest in Legend Writer Publications. We do not set up in-person or telephone meetings with prospective authors. Please read the following for advice and submission information.

Information For Writers
Most writers, regardless of the genre they’ve concentrated on, will want to share their work with the public by having it published as a book. The first and most important thing is do your own research. Find out about the various ways of getting your book published, the roles of publishers and literary agents, and exploring the options of self-publishing and acquiring a distributor. The Internet is great for this, as is the Writer’s Market and other books of this nature.

Establish who your ideal reader is, and what the market is like for your book. Are there already other books similar to yours available? The more research you’ve undertaken into the market, in addition to the processes involved in selecting and publishing a manuscript, the better chance you have. We strongly recommend you have your manuscript edited and proofread before submission.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most asked questions about the Legend Writer Publications submission process, along with our answers. We hope this information is most helpful to you.

Are you currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts?
We accept submissions from both agents and writers. We only accept manuscripts upon request.

I’m looking to send Legend Writer Publications some material. How should I go about doing this?
Submit a synopsis and three sample chapters to Please copy & paste the content into the base of the email. For non-fiction, please submit a full proposal. We no longer accept paper submissions.

What should I do if I’m not based in the U.S.?
E-mail your synopsis and sample chapters to the email above. We review English submissions only.

What types of books are you in the market for?
We are interested in a variety of subjects, as long as they are positive and helping/inspiring in nature.
We are not accepting proposals for poetry or channeled works, quotation books, or children’s books. Nor are we accepting proposals for card decks, DVDs, CDs, and the like.
Note that we publish mainly fiction in the genres of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, and Christian Fiction. However, we are open to all fiction and non-fiction genres, except for Erotica and Horror.

What formats do you publish in, and what else should I know about the submission and publication process?
 Legend Writer Publications publishes hardcover, trade paperback, and eBook/print-on-demand originals. Being a new publisher, our goal is to average 12 new titles a year. We pay standard royalty and publish an average of 12–18 months after acceptance. Simultaneous submissions are only accepted from agents. We generally report in four weeks on queries; six weeks on manuscripts.